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Privacy Policy (For informal summary see footnote) In compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and
of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement thereof, As well as any other applicable regulations regarding Data Protection, we provide you with extended information in this Privacy Policy.

OBJECT OF THE PRIVACY POLICY In accordance with the provisions of current regulations, GLITTER TATTOO SPAIN only collects the data strictly necessary to offer the services derived from its activity and other benefits,
management and activities attributed by the Law. This data protection policy may vary over time due to possible legislative, jurisprudential
changes or the criteria followed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency and / or the competent authority at any time. That is why GLITTER TATTOO SPAIN reserves the right to modify this legal notice to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential changes that are in force at the precise moment in which websites are accessed, as well as to practices in the sector.

In the above cases, GLITTER TATTOO SPAIN will announce on this website, the changes introduced with sufficient time before its implementation. CONFIDENTIALITY All data provided by electronic mail or forms will be treated according to the current regulations on personal data protection,
and in any case will be confidential for GLITTER TATTOO SPAIN personnel who manage such information.


Users of the online store are informed that the answers to the questions raised in the data collection forms contained in the present online store are voluntary, although the refusal to provide the requested data may imply the impossibility of accessing the services that require it. CONSEQUENCE: By means of the implementation of the forms included in this online store, related to the dynamization and content
management carried out by GLITTER TATTOO SPAIN, Users accept the inclusion and processing of the data they provide in a personal data file, of which GLITTER TATTOO SPAIN can exercise the relevant rights according to the following clause.


Users may exercise, with respect to data collected in the
manner described in the previous point, the rights recognized in Organic Law 15/1999, and in particular the rights of access, rectification, opposition and / or cancellation of data. The rights referred to in the preceding paragraph, may be exercised by each User by written and signed request. Likewise, if a User does not wish to receive information via e-mail or any other means, he / she may communicate it by any means that records his receipt to GLITTER TATTOO SPAIN
at the indicated address

Exclusively contact information (basic character), such as name, surname, address, telephone and e-mail and ID.

This information is received by GLITTERTATTOOSPAIN and will not be sold, assigned or leased to other companies. GLITTERTATTOOSPAIN is responsible for said personal data files, created by and for GLITTERTATTOOSPAIN with the purpose of performing the maintenance and management of the relationship with the Users, information and distribution of the organization's services, (sending orders and preparing of invoices.)


Likewise, we inform you that the
information of the databases can be used for the identification of the Users and for the realization of statistical studies of the registered Users. During the data collection process, and whenever data is requested, Users will be informed of the mandatory or voluntary nature of the data collection by means of an asterisk in the form if it is essential to provide the corresponding data and, in case it is not implicitly deduce from the electronic form in question, the need to implement them for access by Users to certain content provided on the websites. Where appropriate,
Users will be asked for their consent so that GLITTERTATTOOSPAIN can make use of their data in order to proceed with the dispatch of their orders and send information regarding the entity, the activities it develops or other related topics.


Inserting the data in any or some of the data collection sheets implies accepting the
present conditions of use and privacy policy, assuming that you have been informed of the conditions of use and legal notice thereof and that you agree to to its full compliance during navigation and participation in the Web. AVOID THE TRANSMISSION OF DATA TO THIRD COMPANIES WITHOUT USER CONSENT:
None of your data will be transferred under any circumstances to anyone. That includes of course advertising companies, which are the most annoying. If you sign up as a customer or sign up for our newsletter you can only receive an email directly from us informing you of our products, but nobody else. We also do not send newsletters every day, or every week. You will only receive newsletters when we do a promotion that would be more or less once a month.

RESPONSIBILITY OF USERS FOR USE AND CONTENT Both the access to the websites and the use that may be made of the information and contents included
therein, shall be the sole responsibility of the person who carries it out. Therefore, the use that can be made of the information, images, content and / or products reviewed and accessible through it, will be subject to the legality, whether national or international, applicable, as well as the
principles of good faith and use. lawful by the Users, who will be entirely responsible for said access and correct use. The Users will be obliged to make reasonable use of the services or contents, under the principle of good faith and with respect to current legislation, morals, public order, good customs, the rights of third parties or the own company, all according to the possibilities and
purposes for which they are designed. Glitter Tattoo Spain does not assume responsibilities, whether direct or indirect, for emergent damage or lost profit, derived from the misuse of the services or contents made by the Users or third parties INFORMATION ON THE USE OF OTHER WEB'S AND SOCIAL NETWORKS The company is only responsible for the contents and management of the web pages of which it is the owner or has a right of similar nature. Any other website or social network or repository of information on the Internet, outside of this website, is the responsibility of its legitimate owners.

AAll this written in a less formal way means that in this online store (Glitter Tattoo Spain) we strictly comply (In compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 - that is, the new regulations of the RGPD On May 25,
2018 the Regulation (EU) comes into force ) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (RGPD), on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and their free movement) with the regulations on personal data processing. We will never cede your data to third parties. We will only use your data to process the payment of your
order and send it to you. At any time you can write us asking to unsubscribe and we will immediately eliminate your account and no data of yours will remain in our database that is stored on a secure server. The only information which we will have access to is your name, address and telephone number if you have filled in this field. It is necessary to process your order and issue an invoice.
We will never have access to your credit card number if you pay with a card because you would make this payment via paypal. We do not give your data to paypal either. You give your data to them if you decide to pay by card. They protect your data so that we do not even see them. If you do not want PayPal to process your payment then choose payment by bank transfer and enter the money.
If you have any questions you can ask us by email or phone before placing your order. If you do not agree please do not go ahead with your order. If you place an order in our online store we will understand that you agree with this privacy policy. Thanks and regards. Administration Department.

For any questions you can call Tel: 653163176