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  glitter tattoo fairy

We are an ordinary family. We started this page as a hobby because we have always liked drawing, design, etc., especially our daughter Elena who studied fine arts. We had worked since 1997 with temporary tattoos as an extra in summer and we liked it very much, but what tired us was having to buyeverything outside Spain, wait weeks or even months to receive products so that afterwards they were retained by customs, then having to pay a lot of money on import fees, tariffs of I do not know what etc.

When the stencils arrived, many had defects. They were badly cut with vinyl still stuck where there shouldn't be, or cuts where they should not have them and they ended up in the rubbish, because to return them cost an arm or a leg or both. So we decided to learn how to manufacture our own stencils and the result was high quality stencils, ready when we needed them. A year later we decided to publish this page as an online store so that you too, could know where to buy, directly from Spain and with a fast service and guaranteed maximum quality ...

We thought 'if it works well fine, and if not we have had fun and will close' -and here we are 8 years later ;-)

We are the manufacturers of our stencils and sole distributor of them both in Spain and in the rest of the world. We do not have franchises, at least not now and if one day we have them we will announce it here although we do let other pages sell our products as long as they credit us for them and dont practice dumping. 

Remember that others may try to copy our designs, but they cant copy our quality...   For any questions you can write to us or call us by phone. We have more than 20 years  experience working with temporary tattoos: glitter, body paint, jagua gel etc and we can advise you, whether you are a mum or dad who wants to put tattoos on the kids or if you are a company that works in the world of temporary tattoos o animación.

Thank you Javier, Sandra and Elena