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Great for a fun night out! Get people thinking 'How did she do that?!'

Apply just before going out, the lip tattoos can start to peel off after around four to 6 hours.
Your lips can feel dry so keep a lip balm in your bag (preferably one which doesn’t contain oils which would break down the tattoo)
Wear them in a brightly lit place where people can really see the pattern - otherwise they may think there is something wrong with your lips…
If drinking, sip through a straw if possible and try to avoid eating
Take some makeup remover and normal lippy in your handbag, so that if they start peeling off you’re not left looking like an extra from a horror movie,
and as for snogging…
In short, these are a great fun look to try out, but only really for wearing for a short time in a well-lit area when you won’t be eating, drinking or kissing.;-)